Daily Archives: June 7, 2013

If the executive branch is so vast that President Obama can’t be expected to know about all of these scandals, there’s an even bigger issue at stake here. The government is too big to be managed by the systems that we have in place. This transcends institutional incompetence and gets into a grand old American battle about the size of government, and in the wake of all of these scandals, it seems that big government’s advocates are the best case against it.

Limited government


So essentially the American public is subpoena’d all the time when they’re online according to the Washington Post. It’s really chilling that some companies are denying knowledge of this entire program and that lawmakers were oath-bound to not talk about PRISM when the law enabling it came up for review last year. This is very big brother-esque and just doesn’t seem right. If there are suspicious individuals out there, government can get a subpoena with probable cause and get information that way, but this entire program just assumes guilt and gives the government broad access to floods of information that simply make our right to privacy laughable.