Daily Archives: February 2, 2016

Winners and Losers from Iowa

Iowa is all about defying expectations to gain momentum. By this measure, Rubio had the best night of any nominee with Cruz and Sanders tied for second. Trump had a bad night and Hillary finds herself somewhere in the middle. She didn’t have a great night, but she avoided the embarrassing 3rd place finish that she suffered in 2008. 

The RealClearPolitics polling average had Rubio coming in at just over 16%. Rubio outperformed these expectations by 7%, coming in at 23%. This is significant not just because it builds momentum for Rubio. Because his uptick came right before the caucus, it’s safe to say (and polling confirms this) that Rubio scored the vast majority of voters who were undecided. This solidifies the argument that Rubio is the most electable candidate in the GOP field. Continue reading